Flower Delivery

Over the years we have met many special people doing special things. I would like to introduce you to Stella, a lovely woman we met several years ago.
When you think of having beautiful red roses delivered, you probably would think of one of many online resources. However, since we offer a few add-on packages that include roses in the guestroom, we have been purchasing our flowers from Bud’s Flowers, our local florist. They do lovely flower arrangements and are delivered to my door step each and every time.
Stella is the special delivery person; rain or shine, summer or winter, and she always delivers with a smile. She was called in to help several years ago by her daughter, Betty, who owns the shop. Stella is 90 years young and drives her own car. She is a beautiful, vibrant woman who appears to be in her mid 70’s. I’ve posted a picture of Stella – what do you think? I always try to chat with her but sometimes she has to hurry home to mow the lawn. Stella is truly an inspiration – proof that you never have to stop when the years catch up.
Do you have an inspirational story of someone over 90? I invite you to share it in my blog under comments and I’ll look forward to reading it.
Hope to see you soon,
Whispering Pines Bed & Breakfast

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