Carroll County Ohio Animal Protection League

A few years ago a group of concerned and determined people from Carroll County, Ohio formed an organization called Carroll County Animal Protection League – CCAPL. Their goal is to build an animal shelter for animals of Carroll County. In its short existence, it has raised around $85,000 through numerous fund-raising activities and donations. They have an ongoing “Pennies for Paws” campaign by placing donation cans in various businesses throughout the county. Recently the group announced the purchase of land and grants and an endowment gift that was received. They need to raise $300,000. to build the animal shelter.

The shelter will include cat and dog exam and clinic areas, a grooming area, office and storage space, food preparation, laundry, isolation areas for new arrivals and a euthanasia area. CCAPL members said they will not euthanize for space, but only when humanely necessary and recommended by a licensed vet. The animal shelter will provide loving and caring temporary homes to those who will come under their care until they find a permanant home.

Membership in the CCAPL is $15. More information can be found on their web site.

Bill and I wish them much success. They have come a long way from dreaming it, believing it and now actually making it happen.

Hope to see you soon,
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