Ice Carving and Snow Covered Atwood Lake, Dellroy Ohio

There is a very interesting and cool event this evening, Friday, January 7th in downtown Canton, Ohio.  Ice carvings by renowned artists.  The weather is perfect.  Then return to Whispering Pines Bed & Breakfast for a warm and cozy overnight.

Imagine Ice —  blows into the new year with ice carvers, wintry whimsy and enough hot chocolate to tickle anyone’s tummy – whipped cream optional (for resolution sticklers). Returning again this year will be world champion ice sculptor Aaron Costic, who never fails to please the crowd, along with other ice aficionados including the Elegant Ice Carving Team, Craig Booth, John Boyett, Lynn Digby, Ron White, Angus McIntosh, Patrick Buckohr, John Frohmann and Two Guy and a Chainsaw – all made possible through the generosity of Iris Restaurant, Community One Credit Union, Carpe Diem Coffee Shop and the Special Improvement District.

Download more information and a map for January 7 Imagine Ice! at:

I’ll look forward to seeing you soon,
Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast ——————————-

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