Finding Friends at Whispering Pines Bed & Breakfast

We have always been fortunate to attract beautiful male and female Hummingbirds.  Sometimes we have a few and at other times we have had up to a dozen.  They buzz around all day long humming their wings and fighting with each other.  But the strangest thing happend the other day.  A gorgeous Baltimore Oriole stopped by to check out our bed and breakfast for building a nest.  He spotted the Hummingbird feeder and enjoyed sipping on the sugar water.   One of our overnight guests had his camera in hand and was able to snap a picture of the two of them dining together and forming a friendship.  He stayed for a couple of days and then disappeared to set up his nest elsewhere.

Click on the image to get a larger view and see the bright orange color of the Baltimore Oriole.

I’ll look forward to seeing you soon,
Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast ——————————-

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