Unexpected Visitor at our Ohio Bed & Breakfast

Last week we had an unexpected visitor.  Radar did not make a reservation in advance, just showed up, but we let him stay anyway – free of charge. 

We named him Radar because he is a Racing Homer Pigeon who lost his way and was looking for a place to rest his tired body for a few days to try and figure out what went wrong.  He stayed by our ponds in the daytime and roosted on our roof in the evening.

We learned a lot about racing pigeon’s.  Because Bill was able to get close enough to see the numbers on his band and feed him, we called the AU – the American Pigeon Racing Union.  They were able to match the numbers to the owner.  He lived in Louisville Kentucky and raced Radar 2 weeks ago.  He got lost and ended up at our Bed & Breakfast, about 300 miles north of Louisville.  The owner was not interested in driving here to pick him up so with the help of the AU we found Richard, another pigeon racer who lives about a 1/2 hour drive from us.  He asked Bill to contain him so he could get him home.  So, at midnight Bill climbed up the ladder to capture a very calm and non-resistant pigeon and place him in a ‘Have a Heart Trap’ for the night.  Radar eventually found him way back to Kentucky when he was driven by another man who was racing in the area.  He let him go when he got to Louisville and they were 100% confident that Radar would find his way home.

What a great story that he would pick a Bed & Breakfast for lodging and food.

I’ll look forward to seeing you soon,
Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast ——————————-

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