Maple Syrup Takes Center Stage in Ohio – March 2014

Stack of pancakes with text Ohio Celebrates Maple Syrup!There is just something special about enjoying a delicacy that comes directly from nature. Maple syrup is a sweet treat loved by many and used in and on many types of food. It is such a wonderful product that Ohio celebrates it for an entire month!

There are only 12 states that produce maple syrup and each year, Ohio ranks 4th or 5th in maple production—we love our maple syrup here! Here are some “did you know?” facts from our friends at the Ohio Maple Producers Association:

Every year 900 producers make around 100,000 gallons of maple syrup.

The demand for maple products is greater than the amount of syrup Ohio produces.

Ohio’s maple syrup has natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The Lifesaver candy was originally sweetened with maple sugar from Garrettsville, OH.

During the Civil War, maple sugar was used to protest the use of cane sugar produced by slave labor in the South.

If you are a maple syrup connoisseur and love driving around the beautiful counties and towns in Ohio, why not try a “Drive-it-Yourself” tour? As part of maple madness, there are close to 50 stops across Ohio that are celebrating this product in different ways.

Stop on over to Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast along the way!

We would love for one of your stops to be at our elegant and serene bed and breakfast located on Atwood Lake. At Whispering Pines we always treat our guests to the best and often use real maple syrup from Ohio when serving our delicious breakfast dishes. Check in with our blog often as we may even share some of our favorite recipes enjoyed by our guests, including some that use our wonderful Ohio Maple Syrup! Contact us online if you have any questions about your stay at Whispering Pines.



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