Turn Up the Music! Dance Packages at Whispering Pines

Couple Dancing with text It's Time to Dance, March 29, 2014 & April 5, 2014While our little perfect hideaway isn’t in the heart of Miami, FL, we still know how to have fun! Since spring is here and there are so many things to be excited about in Atwood Lake, OH we thought, “Why not offer our guests a spectacular dance package?”  

Here at Whispering Pines, we have two dance nights coming up that are going to knock the roof off our bed and breakfast! These classes will be for everyone—whether you have moves that would put Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers or even Ricky Martin to shame or have a hard time clapping on beats two and four. Our professional dance instructor, Coral Abel, will break down all of the techniques for you.  She has had the privilege of dancing with several of the instructors from TV’s Dancing With the Stars and her energy and enthusiasm will keep your feet moving. At the end of each night, she will have you ready to enter your own competition!

Dancing Details:

HOT LATIN NIGHT – Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ballroom Rumba is a slow sensual dance that is fun to watch and even more fun to dance. It is the oldest of all the Latin dances and other dances such as Salsa and Mambo have descended from this popular dance. Coral will teach you the techniques with some fantastic music—join us for two hours of energetic stress free fun.

EAST COAST SWING – Saturday, April 5, 2014

Swing dancing has been popular since the 1920’s beginning with the Lindy Hop and the Charleston.  The Jitterbug was introduced in the 1930’s and became a dance sensation.  Once you learn a few basic moves from Coral, you will want to swing to the music all night long.

**$40 per couple for each two-hour class, in addition to your room rate. Classes begin at 7:30pm.

**Cold drinks, coffee and yummy dessert will follow.

**Add on a Friday night and receive a 10% discount on room rates for each night!

These classes are going to be fun, stress-free and filled with awesome music. You might even count it as your workout for the week! Grab your spouse, friend, sister or brother and come dance with us!

Call Whispering Pines at (330) 735-2824 or toll-free (866) 452-5388 if you have any questions about this dance package and visit www.danceabel.com for more information on our fabulous instructor.


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