Ohio Bed and Breakfast Getaway & visit the Ida McKinley Exhibit

The opulence and grandeur of the late 19th century will be featured in the new Keller Gallery exhibition The Victorian Age, on view at the
McKinley Presidential Library & Museum from June 18 through November 21, 2010. 

The exhibit focuses on the lifestyle of the growing middle class, who were emulating the upper crust of society, between 1870 and 1900. Guests will view lavish formal gowns, intricate mantel clocks and elaborate furniture, as well as a bathing suit, china, glass, children’s clothing, hats, folding fans and toys of the era. The Victorian Age will also feature rarely exhibited gowns that belonged to First Lady Ida McKinley.

“This era was named for Queen Victoria,” said Curator Kim Kenney, “who ruled England from 1837 until her death in 1901. William McKinley was the last US president in the Victorian age. This new exhibit highlights our vast collection of late 19th century artifacts, including a calling card case, spoon collection and parasol accessory set that belonged to First Lady Ida McKinley.”

Exhibit panels will explore flower symbolism, fan language, architecture, fashion, mourning customs, childhood, calling card and dining etiquette, and innovations of the era.

When you stay overnight at Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast, we will include the cost of the exhibit.  We have visited the First Ladies Museum a couple of times and really enjoyed it, so we are looking forward to seeing this new exhibit ourselves.

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